Meermin Mallorca Review - Black Oxfords

When looking to buy a nice pair of shoes, you will often find yourself spending more than 400€.

For some, it’s not an issue, but sometimes you want to spend your money elsewhere. I’ve been living in Helsinki for a year now, and between snow storms, rain showers and salt on the sidewalk, I don’t feel like spending that much on a pair of shoes that will most likely to get destroyed after one winter (or summer) under such conditions.

What if it was possible to find a classic pair of shoes, well finished, with a good quality leather?

At first, I was looking to buy a pair of oxfords from Loake, priced around 260€. Not too bad but still too much for this weather. Scarosso was in my mind until one of my friends told me to check this brand called Meermin Mallorca. Handmade in Spain, well priced and apparently good quality. I had to check it out.

I was reluctant at first, you know shoes made in Spain… I didn’t know Spain was renowned for their shoes. To me, Shoes are made in Britain, Italy or France.

I was wrong.

Spain has been producing shoes for a very long time. They have this craftsmanship that many brands envy and use to produce their own models.

The shoes

This classic pair of Oxfords was a safe option. As they described them on their website “not too round, but not too elongated either”, exactly what I was looking for.

Delivery was fast as I choose the express shipping (extra +30€) and It came in a simple box with a shoe bag.

Model : Oxfords BLACK CALF – E

Price 160€ + 30€ express shipping to Finland.


A small defect here.

At this price point, I was positively surprised by the quality of the shoes. The finishes are clean overall,  and the leather is beautiful.When comparing to my pair of Loakes (2 times the price) the quality of the Meermin leather seems to be even better.

The design of this pair of Oxfords is exactly what I was looking for: timeless classic, Goodyear Welted. Simple but essential in your wardrobe.

NB: I made a mistake when ordering the shoes the first time (ordered the wrong size), and I had the return them. I didn’t like the fact that I had to pay for the shipping of the return (36€ shipping cost from Finland…).


The price-quality ratio makes Meermin a great chose for anyone who is looking to buy a classic pair of shoes at the great price point.  Keep in mind the shipping can be pricey as well as the returns. For less than 200€ you get handmade shoes with maybe one of the best quality-price ratio on the market.

To conclude this review,  I would definitely recommend Meermin Mallorca and buy another pair like these burgundy monks.

Will they survive winter? I’ll keep you updated in a few months.

Comment below if you own a pair of Meermin, I’d be great to know how you like them




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  1. Hi there, like yourself I was pleasantly surprised upon learning about this brand a couple fo years ago and have recently been reminded just in time for now when I am currently assessing my options for a timeless classic styled black calf leather, Goodyear welted, Oxford shoe. Living in Australia it is a quite a difficult task. The domestic market here is saturated with overpriced, poor quality leather, machine-made, mass manufactured shoes. To get something that is Goodyear welted, built to last, with leather that is; a) from a good part of the animal like box calf, b) sourced from a reputable place like France and finally c) manufactured by someone of pedigree means you have to pay $750 upwards for the likes of Crockett & Jones or Church’s. The compromises that Meermin make in teaching Chinese manufacturers how to do the basis, then finishing them in Spain and cutting out wholesalers by shipping direct from the factory are ones that I’m prepared to live with to get a product of near equal quality for much, much less in price. My question though, is how have these fared now that it has been nearly 6 months on?

    1. Hi Nathaniel, thanks for the comment and this in-depth analysis!

      Meermin definitely offers a good price/quality compromise that will always win when you compare offers from other brands.

      So far so good. After wearing regularly them since January and taking care of them when needed, they’ve been aging well, no cracks or wrinkles in the leather.

      Have a great evening.


  2. Have you ordered Meermin before in the past? Have you noticed that the quality in the make of their shoe has declined? In prior years, they used to have a reinforced leather upper layer, whereas now it is just the single layer of leather.

    In your opinion, does that make a shoe better or worse? It feels like the shoe will not last as long as it used to.

    1. Hi Blake,

      It was my first pair or Meermin shoes. Therefore I cannot tell you if their quality has declined.

      Concerning the reinforced leather upper layer, my shoes construction knowledge doesn’t extend that far!



  3. Thanks for the review.
    This used to be a great brand…
    I own quite a few of their shoes, however their quality has unfortunately declined. The quality of the leather, the finish and their consumer service is very poor nowadays. That’s really a pity because I use to love their shoes.

    1. That’s too bad to hear.

      Maybe they will take these comments into consideration and improve their quality again!

      Have you tried Velasca? I’ve just bought a pair of Chelsea boots from them.

      Have a good Sunday evening.



      1. Tanks!

        Just checked Velasca up, very nice shoes and reasonable prices.
        I’m looking for a new brand, will probably never order shoes from Meermin again, Velasca seams to be a good alternative.

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