I consider myself to be lucky to be living in Europe. There are many online stores for men and new players are entering the market frequently. From watches to suits,  you can find anything you want without leaving your sofa.

For me, the biggest advantage of shopping online is to discover and buy from brands that are not sold in physical stores in the city I’m living now (Helsinki).

Over the years I’ve tried many web shops and decided to share my top 10 favorite online stores:

> Asket

Great concept. I like the fact that they have a permanent collection of essential pieces. Also, their sizing system is quite unique. Good bang for the buck.

> A Day’s March

Their over jackets are great and their sweaters are very high quality.

> Maison Standards

Cool French brand. I’m a big fan of their Selvedge jean and Chambray shirts.

> Mr Porter

The high-end online destination when you are looking for something unique or more on the luxury side. The whole customer experience is worth it. You always get a nice personalized touch with your order. Quite addictive, you’ve been warned!

> Hast

I’ve been following Hast since the beginning and been very happy with their shirts. If you are looking for high-end shirts at a good price, check out Hast.

> Joseph Bonnie

My go-to watch accessories website with Hodinkee (didn’t put them on the list because shipping cost+taxes to Europe are too much). Great selection of watch accessories, straps, and vintage watches.

> Bonne Gueule

Great concept.  Men’s blog and online shop. They offer a good range of high-quality basics at the right price. They go the extra mile to justify their fabric choice and cut on every product.

> Drapeau Noir

Drapeau Noir is on the high-end side price-wise, which can be easily justified by the quality of their products. Check out their Military jacket. I might buy one soon.

> Le Pantalon

Simple concept. They make mostly trousers from exceptional fabric at a low price. Only one cut, so keep that in mind, might not fit all morphologies. Their chinos are a no-brainer at this price, plus are super comfortable.

> Suit Supply

Suit Supply is revolutionizing men’s suit online. Their collection is solid and offers a lot more than other suit brands at this price point.  Big fan of their ads and their madmen vibe. Their physical stores are also worth a visit.


These are my go-to web shops, they cover 99% of my shopping needs.

Do you shop on other websites?

Comment below, I’d love to try new ones.


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